Our Mission

At Cellar Door Salon & Studio, we believe in beauty & balance for our guests, the environment, and ourselves- both in and out of the salon. 

We're passionate about providing our guests with an experience that transcends their physical appearance. We work with them to balance their lives from the inside out and bring beauty to all aspects of their life.

At Cellar Door we believe in being socially and environmentally responsible and because of this we've partnered with Green Circle Salons. With their help we've cut our waste production to virtually zero. It is our responsibility to keep our planet clean and safe. 

With the same attention to detail, we also give our clients this same respect.  We have chosen to bring in product lines that not only hold our same core values but that also perform to our high standards. Through working with Kevin Murphy and Keune, we've discovered that beautiful hair does not come at a price. All of our product lines believe responsibly sourced ingredients and responsible packaging are as important as performance. Beauty can be sustainable. 

And most importantly we've discovered that when we hold up our own beliefs & standards, and are able keep a balance and loving environment for our space -- this is when beauty and balance is achieved.